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Busch BLS Die Cutter for Labels

Produktnummer: SW10114
23 x 32 cm

Busch BLS Die-Cutting machine for labels 

Age: 2017

Max. die cut size: 230 x 320 mm

Min. die cut size: 20 x 20 mm

Max. stack height: 190 mm

Die-Cutting pressure: 5700 kg

Max. Die -Cutting strokes: 16 p/min

Max. Performance: 960.000 sheets/hour

With trolley and delivery tray

With control panel

With light barrier

With waste conveyor

With different die tools

The die-cutter is most commonly used for cutting contours of large-sized labels, brochures, children’s booklets, credit and loyalty cards, for die-cutting in a two-up system and for counter-pressure cutting with special material for inmould labels. The machines process high volumes of all types of products. 


These are just some of the wide range of items produced. Labels are, of course, the most important: 

-Labels of all sorts 

-Large-sized labels for tins and jars 

-Inmould labels 

-Stitched, folded and glued brochures 

-Children’s booklets
-Credit and loyalty cards
-Playing cards
-Plastic flower and plant stickers Ice cream covers
-Wrappers for chocolate
-Tags for clothing and luggage Glued note pads
-Sticky notes 


Types of die-cutting 

The machine processes pre-cut, plus folded, stitched or glued stacks of material: 

-Full-cut of complete outer contour 

-Corner rounding 

-Corner cut

-One and two-sided cut 

-Three-sided cut of brochures, passports, children’s booklets 

-Two-up cut of small-sized products 

-Die-cutting in a two-up system 

-Four-sided cut of folded quires (for sheet separating)