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Hongming HM-600E + PK-850 Case Maker

Produktnummer: SW10084
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Hongming HM-600E + PK850 Automatic Case Making machine for Book Cover or rigid box


The automatic case maker is made up of two models: the HM-600E and the HM-PK850. When these two machines are used together, they form an automatic case making line.


1-Hongming HM 600E Book cover + box glueing and positioning machine

Age: 2021

The Automatic Rigid Apparel Box gluing and positioning Machine is an automatic multifunctional equipment for high precision positioning of hard cover and premium rigid boxes. It is suitable for mass production of a variety of rigid boxes such as jewelry boxes, mobile phone boxes, gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, watch boxes, chocolate boxes and some special rigid boxes, etc.



1. Suit to all kinds of rigid box for positioning
2. Suit to all kinds of hard cover for positioning 
3. Computer control for all parameter setting
4. Auto error stop and display
5. Automatic feed paper
6. 24-hours control for glue pre-heating
7. Adopts servo motor system 
8. CCD positioning system and robot arm for positioning the box shell
9. Automatic control system of glue viscosity


Technical details:

Max. Box shell dimension: 600 x 400 x 190 mm

Min. Box shell dimension: 100 x 50 x 12 mm


Max. Cover Paper size format: 850 x 610 mm

Min. Cover Paper size format: 180 x 95 mm


Max. Cardboard size format: 800 x 500 mm

Min. Cardboard size format: 120 x 80 mm




2-Hongming HM-PK850 Automatic Four side Folding-In machine

Age: 2021

The Four Side Folding-In machine is wrapping and fixing the Cover paper around the rigid box or Book Cover on all 4 sides.


Technical details:

Max. Cover size: 800 x 500 mm

Min. Cover size: 180 x 80 mm

Performance: 25 pieces/hour