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Hongming HM-ZD6418E Automatix Rigid Box Line

Produktnummer: SW10085
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Hongming HM-ZD6418E Automatix Rigid Box Making Line 

(Schachtelaufricht- und überziehmaschine)


Age: 2017

The Automatic Rigid Box Making Line is suitable to make various Paper covered rigid cardboard premium boxes, such as shoe boxes, mobile phone boxes, wine boxes, etc. The wrapped box’s max height is 130mm, with max folding-in depth of 100mm.



1. Suit to all kinds of rigid boxes in mass production
2. Parameter adopts computer digital setting
3. Auto error stop and display
4. Automatic feeder for Cover paper and cardboard
5. 24-hours control for glue pre-heating
6. Wrapper can input 300 product formulas
7. Corner pasting part with independent man-machine control and
heating system

8. Adopt YASKAWA servo control system
9. Spotter by electric eye tracing system and hydraulic pneumatic
rectifying system to spot correctly (spotting accuracy ±0.2mm)

10. Wrapper can automaticly lift and wrap box
11. Automatic control system for glue viscosity (optional)


Technical details:

Max. rigid box dimension: 600 x 400 x 130 mm

Min. rigid box dimension: 100 x 50 x 12 mm


Max. Cover paper sheet format: 850 x 610 mm

Min. Cover paper sheet format: 180 x 95 mm


Max. Cardboard sheet format: 820 x 580 mm

Min. Cardboard sheet format: 124 x 92 mm